The Eyewear Café

About AML Products

Please see below some information about the various websites in the AML Products family.

Buggy Plates

Buggy Plates sells novelty number plates. Initially aimed at buggies, prams and tricycles for children, we now sell mainly to adults for golf buggies, man caves, ladies dens, mobility scooters and…..lawnmowers!  They resemble a UK number plate using DVLA text with a flag of your choice. They’re a great novelty gift for all age groups


Wholesale Snooker Spectacles

Whilst Adam was a rep in the northwest he was regularly asked for snooker glasses by opticians as they were unable to source them. This prompted us to launch Wholesale Snooker Spectacles supplying snooker glasses to independent opticians. This is a great niche product and many practices are very surprised how many they sell simply by having one on the shelf. This has brought in many local snooker players that have now become customers for their more standard eyewear.


The Eyewear Café

Our latest addition to the AML family is your current location – The Eyewear Café! An all new café themed eyewear wholesaler supplying fantastic, value for money frames to independent opticians across the UK. We have launched with our Latte series and will be adding the Cappuccino and Espresso collections later this year. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll add the Mocha, Frappuccino and Americano collections! One coffee at a time.
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